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The Naka Phuket x Nui Beach, Phuket

Posted on  19-09-2019
by  Dev Mohnani

     Everyone looks for a getaway. May it be teens, business professionals or even adults of any age look to explore than they are capable. Driving up to almost anywhere is like a piece of cake. I drove up to the mountains looking for my own private pool villa where I can just relax without any disturbance away from my busy days in Bangkok. Why are pool villas different? Take a moment to think over it. In my perspective, they give you this feeling of comfort. 

     The Naka Phuket, a member of the Design Hotels, a luxurious pool villa with their own private beachfront, describing it as a perfect getaway. It is located among the Kamala hillside & exclusively hidden away in a tropical garden along with breathtaking beaches on the island. My recommendation is that the private villas are suitable for couples and/or family reunions. I was staying at the One Bedroom Pool Villa High Bay View at The Naka Phuket alone all to myself! Definitely spacious, but worth the time to relax myself. The bedroom had a dining area with a TV, private pool, private jacuzzi, shower area, a spacious bed (too big for me alone, but oh yes!), & a breathtaking view of light drizzles. The property also has the In Villa Dining available for 24 hours. Once I got in, I ordered a bottle of wine for myself via room service, which was quick and got into my jacuzzi. Sometimes all you need is some "me time". 

     After getting a bubble bath in the jacuzzi, I wished to watch the beautiful sunset. While I was expecting a beautiful sunset with shades of pink and purple over the mountain top, there were these stormy clouds joining in. It looked like as a storm was coming by! And that is what exactly happened. The strong winds and the raindrops gave it a different vibe to the evening. But, it portrayed on how beautiful nature can be. 

     On the second day, I took a complimentary shuttle service from the hotel to the main road and traveled on public transportation for some sight-seeing. I followed through Instagram, a booming social platform where you can discover places which you never knew existed, a beach which was discovered roughly a year ago called the "Nui Beach". The Thai locals have found a broken, unfinished pathway which led to an abundance of water from the mountains. The water flow was like a waterfall, but still aren't able to find the roots. I am unsure who has captivated the area claiming to be the owner, but the neighborhood has definitely done a decent job boosting the area with multiple photo stops and adventures preserving the nature for people to visit. The adventures include swinging high up in the air & canoeing. You may also chill by the mountain top cafe with noodles (Mama มาม่า - Wai Wai Instant Noodles) and Italian Soda. 

     The weekend is almost coming to an end...I don't want to get back to work as yet! My alarm rings and back to the pool. Gazing through my pool over the trees watching the beachfront, the beautiful clouds after yesterday's storm. I am definitely going to miss the view of Phuket through The Naka Phuket...a perfect relaxation for someone who is always on the go. With a view like this, you know you want to come back. I am mentally still at the beach...

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Posted on  01-01-1970
by  Dev Mohnani

Movenpick Asara Resort & Spa, Hua Hin

Checking-in the evening & welcomed with a very touching gesture. I was welcomed with smiles and the traditional “wai” by four staff members including the General Manager of Movenpick. Because of the scorching heat in Thailand, the staff offered a wet, cold towel and a welcome drink. It’s just like they read my mind! I needed it. 

After touring around the property, Movenpick arranged a fine dining experience for me on the first night at one of the best awarded restaurants in the hotel, the Kampu Restaurant. The Kampu had an extravagant ambience full of guests enjoying their beer with a view of moonlight up in the sky. I chose to go ahead with the local #ThaiFood taste and it was definitely worth it! I had shrimps, chicken in coconut curry and a few more dishes. Instead of a cherry on the top, I got a chocolate on my mango ice cream for dessert! Delicious! 

The year-round tropical season in Thailand made me kick off my summer range introducing the Linen Season! Got a bunch of my Italian linen and lightweight seersucker shirts which is perfect with the view in Hua Hin. In the 21st century, you can see hundreds of people taking pictures back & forth, it’s always for the Instagram. The Movenpick Asara Hua Hin & Spa property is extraordinary for pictures, just like a dream holiday specifically during the sundown. The dream holiday which concludes to your perfect stay with a dozen of facilities for you to relax.

On my second day here, I decided to take it easy. I woke up with a king size breakfast with the beach view. Right after, down I went for a swim in one of their few pools in the property. The hot sun making me shine like a diamond in the midst of the beach vibes. Every pool here, has a different vibe..make sure you try one by one. It’s unexplainable, it’s the vibe that counts, don’t you agree? 

Ever heard of a 'Chocolate Hour’ on a laid back, cool blue evening? This property has a mouth-watering fondue dipped on marshmallows and a few snacks to munch on in the late afternoon. When I came back from my walk on the beach, I see even more chocolates (complimentary Swiss chocolates) on my bedsheet! It is a Swiss tradition, the Chocolate Hours. The Swiss Moment of Joy & Delight! Never experienced so much love before Love #MovenpickMoments

A new morning has risen, but I don’t want to be up as yet. I thought I am here to relax, but their outdoor shower is worth the try. I thought I was done with pampering myself until I get a call from the spa that my aroma oil massage has been booked for 90 minutes within an hour. I was delighted! The Asara Spa had a survey form where they made me specify which area of my body I would like them to focus on which I think is really good. They also had a question why I have visited their spa today? Obviously my answer was to pamper myself even more! ;)

My trip has come to an end; wishing I could extend my stay here. Still so much to do, it’s never enough what Movenpick Hua Hin has to offer. The staff enjoy surprising their guests with a little something. A small extra touch does definitely make a difference. With Movenpick, they make moments. 

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Booking / สำรองห้องพักได้ที่
📞 โทร : 032 547 555
📍ที่ตั้ง : 53 Hua Hin 5 Alley Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110 
IG: @movenpickhuahin 

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TRAVEL ON BUDGET เดินทางด้วยงบประมาณกับ MOOF49

Posted on  10-11-2018
by  Dev Mohnani


เดินทางด้วยงบประมาณ กระเป๋าที่เหมาะกับการเดินทางและทน เอาไปเลย เที่ยวให้สนุกนะ ✈

📌 กระเป๋า MOOF KIT มีทั้งสายสะพายคาดตัว(เส้นเล็ก) 

สายสะพายสกรีนชื่อจะเป็นสายเส้นใหญ่ อะไหล่พิเศษ สามารถใช้คู่กับกระเป๋าอื่นได้ค่ะ


Traveling on a budget has always been a key issue to many tourists and foreigners. According to the modern day world, all we want to do is to travel and explore new destinations. We want to take selfies, take a gazillion of photos and Instagram them...but what's holding you? It's always your budget. Budget explains you how you can control and still enjoy it the right way. 

MOOF49 displays their products the right way in which it plays with your mind and tells you that you have a limited budget and won't be allowed anymore space for shopping Haha! It's an advantage to keep yourself in budget so that you can explore out more in the open rather than just trying to close your trolley by sitting on it. (Oh yes, I know your secret.)

Customize from your strap color, to font color and finally the font text you want as your desired name. 


🖤 รายละเอียดสินค้า MOOF KIT P020

ขนาด : 20 นิ้ว สีแดง Crystal Red 🚨


ขอบคุณทางร้าน MOOF49 น่ารักมากเลยครับ สายหวานหน่อย 😍


Shopee :
IG :
กลุ่มของร้าน :


ติดตามเดฟได้เลยทาง IG: @thedmunplugged 


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Misty Phuket, The C Park เดอะ ซี ปาร์ค

Posted on  10-03-2018
by  Dev Mohnani

The C Park

     An hour away from the Phuket International Airport, lies a nice homestay apartment, The C Park. Driving through the raindrops, I arrived at the residence with a great hospitality to carry my bags and a welcome drink. Wasting no time, checked into my room and I could peek out to a great mountain view from my balcony. This side of the mountain holds numerous number of apartments and a few hostels down the isle giving it a very rural look. 

     The C Park have numerous numbers of facilities which you are looking for. Which one do you need? What is it that you need to find your perfect room to have a nice homestay? I have chosen my one bedroom with a balcony for me to enjoy sipping my cup of coffee during the evenings before an evening walk on the beach. They have affordable rates for daily, weekly and monthly. 

     Considering this side of the mountain, I find it quite peaceful. There are grocery shops nearby which explains conveniency, you have a nice mountain view with a cool myst and sightseeing spots which is a close drive through. 

  • 5 mins from the Jungceylon Shopping Mall, Phuket
  • 15 mins from the Karon Viewpoint, one of the best viewpoints in Phuket 

Looking for a nice place, an affordable rate, a simple bed with great services…check out more information on their site: 

Booking / สำรองห้องพักได้ที่
✉️ Line ID :  @thecparkphuket 
📞 โทร : 063-4164941
📍ที่ตั้ง : 16/15 Soi Nanai 2 Patong Kathu 83150 Phuket (city) 
IG: @thecparkphuket

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OpenHouseDay at the French Ambassador’s Residence

Posted on  16-09-2018
by  Dev Mohnani

The Embassy of France in Bangkok, Thailand had an open house event at the French Ambassador’s Residence to the public as part of “European Heritage Days” on Sunday 16th September 2018. The original building dates back to the 1830’s, however it has been added onto extensively during the 20th Century. Then during the last decade, it went through another series of renovations to modernize it. 

Heritage Days have been held every year since 1984 on the third weekend of September by the French authorities in France and abroad to promote the richness and diversity of public buildings. Te open house in Bangkok took place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Last year they had nearly 1,000 visitors and this year seemed like even double the population. I had to wait 40 minutes in queue to get in after the security checkpoint. An hour to view His Excellency's household was worth the wait. Symbols of Thailand, royal family pictures, some history of the past in France (European history) and even awards such as the relationship built with Thailand and France was placed at the residence. 

On the lower floor, they introduced the new France eMotion app where you could see different pictures, paintings and different photographs taken by French photographers and see them animate through your phone. I was quite fascinated by it! 

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Posted on  01-01-1970
by  Dev Mohnani

Baan Khun Nine a minimalism concept based in Bang Pong บ้านโ่ง , in the middle of Ratchaburi & Kanchaburi district. Baan Khun Nine has only three floors & 8 rooms. A simple yet slick artsy hotel. The Ban Pong district is known for its’ street art. 

Whats special about this? Some rooms contain a single bed & a few rooms contains two single beds if you are coming as a backpacker couple. I would call this is a backpacker or a place which is known for short stays. 


บ้านคุณไนน์ เป็นคอนเซปศิลปะอยู่ในเมืองบ้านโป่ง ระหว่างทางเชื่อมกาญจนบุรี กับราชบุรี 

สถานที่แห่งนี้มี 3 ชั้น และมีทั้งหมด 9 ห้อง ภายในห้องพักในแต่ละห้องนั้น ส่วนใหญ่จะตกแต่งห้องเป็นโทนสีขาวแทบทั้งหมด และจะตกแต่งเป็นภาพวาดบนผนัง ซึ่งจะทำให้ผู้ที่มาพักจะรู้สึกผ่อนคลาย สบายตามาก มีมุมระเบียงห้องติดกับ ริมแม่น้ำแม่กลอง และอีกทั้งบ้านโป่ง ยังเด่นในเรื่องสตรีทอาร์ตอีกด้วย 

ในส่วนโซนช้างล่างห้องพักยังมีโซน อาหาร เครื่องดื่ม และมุมถ่ายรูปสวยๆอีกมากมาย

Booking / สำรองห้องพักได้ที่
✉️ Line ID : baankhunnine หรือ @baankhunnine
📞 โทร : 032-920799
📍ที่ตั้ง : เรียบถนนริมน้ำ ตรงข้ามสถานีดับเพลิงบ้านโป่ง 
IG: baankhunnine

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Defining the Essence of a Modern Gentleman

Posted on  06-03-2018
by  Dev Mohnani

     The world is a place where people have all kinds of reasons and motives to do things they do. It is what puts you together just as you dress up. Give off the impression through your looks. 

     You hear/see the word 'gent' or 'gentleman' has become quite popular in men's magazines, blogs & websites. What does it actually mean to be a gentleman today? According to the Gentleman's Gazette, it means: 
     1. An honorable man

     2. A polite way referring to a man

     3. A man of good social position

     I agree with a famous gentleman's saying, David Gandy, "It is not expensive tailoring, but something that comes from within." 

     Here are some definitions I have put together which I would like to propose to you: 

     1. Be respectful: Treat others just like you want to be treated. At times, others may not be pleased in the way you do things but do respect and try to put yourself in their shoes and think from their perspective. 

     2. Follow your commitments / promises: Your commitments is what you should live on. Once you promise someone something, make sure you are living through that side. Continue keeping your goals strong or else you will never know when one day it will backstab you.

     3. Be confident: Confident is key. Being confident is what you should be able to pull off naturally. If you know you have a high self-esteem, if you know you believe in yourself, you can be confident in yourself. Keep in mind, not to be over confident through your expressions. 

     Once you are following these three tips, I am sure you can be a leader of your own. Being a leader as a gentleman will definitely take you places. I can take a guarantee for you that your friends and other people around you will look up to you. Your friends will be much more motivated when talking to you. Be the 'Gentleman' YOU want to be.

For more tips on Gents:

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Be the Best Dressed Man in the Room

Posted on  01-01-1970
by  Dev Mohnani

Be the Best Dressed Man in the Room

You have eyes on wherever you go. People are looking at your sense of style. They tend to observe on how you try to portray yourself.

How does it feel? Do you feel conscious? Or do you feel confident on your style? Sometimes you also can prove yourself by trying to blend in a colour with another and be confident about pulling the trigger. it definitely takes courage to be the best dressed man in the room.

Reason #1: Other Men Are Inspired Through Your Style

People who look up to your style, will look for an inspiration through you. They look up to you because you are confident on how you put things together. Others will pull you aside just to tell you, you look good today. With this, you know you are standing up for who you are.

Reason #2: You Will Reap the Benefits of Being Well Presented

When you dress well, people perceive you as a stronger leader. By being a leader, you are gaining more opportunities and drawing people closer to you. This happens not because you are an attention seeker, but because people respect you for who you are.

Reason #3: You Get To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Dressing sharp makes you look like a guy who can handle pressure and get the job done. You are creating your own image on how you want people to perceive you. Embrace the opportunities around you and prove that you are worth the wait - let the clothes show it.

For more tips:

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Live or Die: Unseen Thailand

Posted on  02-08-2018
by  Dev Mohnani

Too much hassle during the whole year and everyone definitely needs a break. On my 2018 New Year trip, my family & I decided to go to  Ratchaburi. On Day 1, we had some great adventures in the sunflower fields, climbing up the steps at various waterfalls and discovering the ancient view of the locals in town. One most fascinating spot we discovered was the Khao Ngu Stone Park which is a must see. The scenery is breathtaking from their bird eye view point.

On Day 2, I had a crazy request which was to see the sunrise or the sunset. As we had a long day 1, we didn’t make it for the sunset. I decided to shoot an early morning sunrise at the Hua Khok Mu Viewpoint. We stayed 2 hours away from the viewpoint, so we drove off at 05.00 AM in the morning. We didn’t make it in time, we missed it! So we did it in the evening instead…the picture above describes our pathways towards up the hill in a 4-wheeler pickup.

See video going towards up the hill: 

Oh darn, it was like a LIVE OR DIE ride. I felt like I wasn’t paying 1,500 THB for the ride to go up the hill, but I felt like I paid that money in return of my life! It took us 50 minutes up the hill and we reached the viewpoint….My ridiculous selfie video up the hill with 11 degrees Celsius during the New Year while I see the Burma border with my naked eye…


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How to wear Black on Black?

Posted on  26-01-2018
by  Dev Mohnani

Is black the new black? Do you love wearing black? We love it too!

All black outfits can never go wrong. No matter what your body type or skin tone is, it is a go-to outfit. I’m sure it is the favourite of most people. I have put together some of my favorite black on black options. 

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Posted on  27-07-2017
by  Dev Mohnani

What keeps you awake at night? You can’t sleep because you are swarmed with work or because you are thinking about something thoroughly? When one is in deep thought, you don’t want to skip through it. You want to finish what you started. You are unable to complete it tomorrow just because dreams change perspectives. So what do you do? You try to keep yourself awake with midnight snacks such as Oreo cookies or a pack of mama noodles. Some intend to intake a cup or two of coffee. Was I describing you? I heard your mind say “Yes!”

Did you know there’s a new hotspot in town? A distance away from the city side, with your bike & mind, off you go…POOF! Insomnia cafe is the “IT” place to be…the new trend! 

    Here’s the reason why you should go - Insomnia’s greatest hits so far since the grand opening has been its’ Nitro coffee, authentic green tea and coffee prints on various beverages. Their express service on food makes your taste buds relax. Does it sound exaggerated? Well, you have only one option…give Insomnia a chance to prove it to you! 

    Talking about the interiors of Insomnia, the architecture is made of old school bricks with a chic design of seating area. The point is to make you feel at home rather than boring, formal workspaces. Define your area with soft pillows, a seat next to the window waiting for the sun to rise or even a tile structured table to complete your homework. 


Instagram: @insomnia.24hrs

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Nitin Mirani - The Komic Sutra

Posted on  15-05-2017
by  Dev Mohnani

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity given to me by a friend of mine, Varun Idnani, of attending a comedy show hosted by The Comedy Club Bangkok. This has got to be one of the coolest indie-spots for comedy shows I have ever been to. I decided to dress it up for the occasion (a Sindhi always finds almost everything an occasion), in my custom-made double-breasted pink Cashmere wool jacket. To pull off the look, went for a fresh-trimmed beard look.

Nitin Mirani, a 38-year old Sindhi boy who loves his job as a stand-up comedian, not a stand-by comedian, & never stops making people laugh at him! A truly varied comedian who has shared the stage with various Bollywood & Hollywood stars. If you are not with Nitin, don’t worry because he will be talking about you. Personality, friendliness, & most-importantly his MIND-BLASTING thoughts on people, you can count on them. Met a few friends at the comedy show & each and every one of them had a good laugh!

A big sincere thanks to The Comedy Club Bangkok for hosting the Komic Sutra - Nitin Mirani & our responsible sponsors: Magners, Comedy Central, Big Chilli, Magic Rock, The Sutlet Group, Thai Visa, The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Nordes, Broadgate Advisory, & the Inspire E-Magazine.

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Thank you for reading!
Dev Mohnani - The DM Unplugged

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8 on Eleven

Posted on  28-04-2017
by  Dev Mohnani

Announcing the launch of Tasty Tuesdays Models Night on 8 on Eleven - Sukhumvit Soi 11’s chic, new hotspot! A lifestyle, networking event where you could talk about work or party with some of the hottest models in town. Eva Mizrahi, a model & the PR manager who works at 8 on Eleven, called me out to try this new place out. The theme of Tasty Tuesdays called out for ‘Wild, Young & Free’ so I am sure what all you could imagine. I invited some friends (see picture: Left DJ Nan, Right Model Ratima) over so that we could change our lives by taking it easy apart from our work schedule daily. We had some good finger lickin’ chicken wings with special promotions on a few bottles of San Miguel Light Beer. After 23.00, we headed upstairs for the real nightlife to begin with some  cutting edge mixes by talented artists, Va Dim & Natasha and performances by the 8 on Eleven dancers. A night to remember! 

    On a note: first of all, I regret not coming to this place ever before. Secondly, I am grateful that I was introduced to Eva first as a model. It allows me as a blogger, to be more open minded while making conversations. Thank you Eva!

*Don’t forget to drop by & try 8 on Eleven!*

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Spring Color Combinations

Posted on  18-04-2017
by  Dev Mohnani

Nights could get particularly chilly during the spring. Are we really looking forward for the night? Well, most people do. The Spring color combinations is more casual than formal, but you still look smart on-the-go. Bangkok undoubtedly almost never has a cool weather, but we still tend to suit up more just because. Oh trust me, Bangkokians & nightlife get along really well. 

    I have put together some color combos which you never thought you could pull off by yourself. Change during the daytime & rock them at night as well. Stay #Lit ! Check them out above.

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The Society Fair

Posted on  17-12-2016
by  Dev Mohnani

 A grand opening night on 15 December 2016 of The Society Fair located at the Opus Building, Thonglor Soi 10. Were you there 2 nights ago? What did you think about the event? 

    There are various pop up stores opened up, order your food from any of the stores & have it served up to your table. My friends and I tried the Heisenberg beer & the ultimate hot ‘Hot Wheels’ pizza! Sitting and chilling with the open bar beer for a few hours and great music from the talented DJ Ono from Bangkok Invaders who is usually LIVE on Met 107 FM. We had the beauty queen, the exclusive, Natalie Gloebova launch the event at around 20.00. My friend had his hormones excited when he heard on about Natalie. 

    I had the chance to take a picture with one of the owners of 10/10 Nailed It store, Sajan Singh & former Miss Universe 2005, Natalie Glebova. 

DJ Sajan (left) is an international Bollywood DJ going places with has talented music he tends to mix from night after night. Sajan is also managing a business under ‘Singh Light & Sound’, guaranteed with one of the best light & sound systems in the industry. 

    On the other hand, a small paragraph to talk about Natalie Glebova (middle) would be less but here is just a small introduction on her. Natalie Glebova, is a Russian-Canadian TV-host, author, dancer, model and beauty queen who won Miss Universe Canada 2005 & won Miss Universe 2005   in Thailand on the same year! 

    Overall, the event was a success on the new opening of The Society Fair! We had free Chang (local Thai beer) beer bottles, mojitos & some snacks on the side in the open bar promotion from 19.00-22.00. I mean isn’t that good? Thank you to my big brother, DJ Sajan, for inviting me to this exclusive event for his big opening night! Thank you Natalie Glebova for giving me the honor to have a picture with you & I am sure we will be collaborating together soon! 

    As a fashion blogger, (Instagram: @thedmunplugged) I had to get my fashion sense out of the closet and totally turned on for the night! I wore a pure Chinese silk vest with a black tee to get the semi-chilled out look for an unusual Thursday night launch event. What did you think of my outfit? 

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Chloe Christa - Yoori

Posted on  09-09-2016
by  Dev Mohnani

Chloe, an international actress, model, blogger & an enthusiast. She is a person who is different among all. Chloe visits Bangkok for multiple projects at once so she makes Bangkok worthwhile or does Bangkok make it worthwhile for her? What is your input on my previous question if you replace Chloe’s name with yours?

    Chloe Christa, a fashionista of her own. She mentions that she doesn’t want to be ‘amongst’ the crowd, but she’d rather be ‘the crowd.’ By this, she doesn't mean the centre of attraction, but she means different.

    Why did I choose Chloe to collaborate with? First of all, she is different. Second, it is quite difficult to find a blogger who is half Chinese & half Japanese with similar interests like you, fashion. When I was first corresponding with Chloe, she said she the theme would be “swag, but chic”. Deep in my thoughts, I pondered for a while, asking myself “Is she mad? Does she know what she is talking about?” I decided to give it a shot & went with the flow. This is what she came up with…(Look at her on the right)

Chloe made me go along the same lines with her second outfit, matching the printed scheme. 

I, myself had to try the swag, but chic look so I unleashed my Kungfu loafers and mixed with a floral designed shirt with a classic menswear dapper plaid pant. Do you think I succeeded to fit in the act with Chloe Christa, Yoori? Looking forward to your comments below.

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Posted on  19-05-2016
by  Dev Mohnani

Every guy needs one. You & I both do. I’m sure it vexes & excites you just like it did to me! There are always ways to see what describes you best…

NAIL THE COLOR. Which color suites you best. Your mom says one thing, but you prefer another. You have 3 options: a darker shade who   you think you want to look like, a lighter shade when your momma says you’re her sunshine or a shade which is
actually who you are.


Have a jacket fit right where it’s supposed to. It is supposedly to be a little snug or as they call it in the modern day, the slim-fit. In the Spring & Summer, lay it over your shirt. In the winter, have it covered with a coat for extra style points. 


Make sure your jacket lands right at your hips. Show off your belts’ collection for being trendy. The shorter the better. 


Button up or leave it undressed. Roll up your sleeves or cuff your sleeves & tip it off with a stand up collar…get your swag ON.


Inspired by: GQ

Written by:
Dev Mohnani