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The Naka Phuket x Nui Beach, Phuket

Posted on  19-09-2019
by  Dev Mohnani

     Everyone looks for a getaway. May it be teens, business professionals or even adults of any age look to explore than they are capable. Driving up to almost anywhere is like a piece of cake. I drove up to the mountains looking for my own private pool villa where I can just relax without any disturbance away from my busy days in Bangkok. Why are pool villas different? Take a moment to think over it. In my perspective, they give you this feeling of comfort. 

     The Naka Phuket, a member of the Design Hotels, a luxurious pool villa with their own private beachfront, describing it as a perfect getaway. It is located among the Kamala hillside & exclusively hidden away in a tropical garden along with breathtaking beaches on the island. My recommendation is that the private villas are suitable for couples and/or family reunions. I was staying at the One Bedroom Pool Villa High Bay View at The Naka Phuket alone all to myself! Definitely spacious, but worth the time to relax myself. The bedroom had a dining area with a TV, private pool, private jacuzzi, shower area, a spacious bed (too big for me alone, but oh yes!), & a breathtaking view of light drizzles. The property also has the In Villa Dining available for 24 hours. Once I got in, I ordered a bottle of wine for myself via room service, which was quick and got into my jacuzzi. Sometimes all you need is some "me time". 

     After getting a bubble bath in the jacuzzi, I wished to watch the beautiful sunset. While I was expecting a beautiful sunset with shades of pink and purple over the mountain top, there were these stormy clouds joining in. It looked like as a storm was coming by! And that is what exactly happened. The strong winds and the raindrops gave it a different vibe to the evening. But, it portrayed on how beautiful nature can be. 

     On the second day, I took a complimentary shuttle service from the hotel to the main road and traveled on public transportation for some sight-seeing. I followed through Instagram, a booming social platform where you can discover places which you never knew existed, a beach which was discovered roughly a year ago called the "Nui Beach". The Thai locals have found a broken, unfinished pathway which led to an abundance of water from the mountains. The water flow was like a waterfall, but still aren't able to find the roots. I am unsure who has captivated the area claiming to be the owner, but the neighborhood has definitely done a decent job boosting the area with multiple photo stops and adventures preserving the nature for people to visit. The adventures include swinging high up in the air & canoeing. You may also chill by the mountain top cafe with noodles (Mama มาม่า - Wai Wai Instant Noodles) and Italian Soda. 

     The weekend is almost coming to an end...I don't want to get back to work as yet! My alarm rings and back to the pool. Gazing through my pool over the trees watching the beachfront, the beautiful clouds after yesterday's storm. I am definitely going to miss the view of Phuket through The Naka Phuket...a perfect relaxation for someone who is always on the go. With a view like this, you know you want to come back. I am mentally still at the beach...

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